Nicki Minaj Says She’ll pay back lovers’ College Tuition whether they have Good Grades, And Here’s exactly how men and women Reacted

Need some assistance having to pay your college tuition costs or student education loans? Nicki Minaj can really help! Really.

Saturday-night, the award-winning rapper was on Twitter telling this lady followers that she’d spend intercontinental airfare for contest champions (who would reach spending some time with her at the Billboard songs awards in vegas) when an US student popped an essential concern: “Well you want to pay for my tuition?” remarkably, Nicki not merely agreed but she in addition longer the provide to her various other fans in need! Truly the only catch was that Minaj needed verification of 4.0 GPAs and verification from their schools. For the night, the rapper helped a total of 30 present and previous pupils making use of their college tuition, pupils financial loans, and other education-related costs. Plus, she guaranteed to respond to more demands from fans in a month or two!

Need some help spending your educational costs costs or student education loans? Nicki Minaj can really help!

Saturday night the rapper had been informing her followers that she’d pay worldwide airfare for competition champions

When one lover requested if she would pay money for their expenses, after which everything began…

Minaj invested the evening paying down her fan’s education-related costs provided that she got confirmation of 4.0 GPAs and confirmation from their particular schools

She contributed to eveything from college tuition

To student loans

And various other education-related charges

The award-winning rapper spent the whole evening helping fans

And she helped an overall total of 30 of those

Some of which were former pupils

While others were existing pupils

With the amount of money differing per student

we should state, Nicki ended up being over ample Saturday night

Plus, she guaranteed to react to more demands from followers in four weeks or two